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All Hallows Forever (Demos, Oldies and That)

by Dressed Like Wolves

I stepped into your head to try and work you out And the door it closed behind me and locked me in So I peered into your memories and I saw what made you sad Now I’m wishing I could help you but this movie gone and passed So I just sit here on my own Waiting for you to come And get me Sit here on my own Waiting for you to come And release me I’m living in a picture book were colours grow And the endings drawing closer with every turn Seems my only means of being real is falling from my bed And i sleep, i sleep in truth I only sleep when I sleep next to you
Song Eater 01:36
song eater I saw and ate songs until I was love looked for the sea but this pool was enough I filled it with salt and went looking for you the eater of worlds who had learned to swim moons but you where a shell of your former self you'd settled down with somebody else I stood on mars as you choked on half moons old satellite and after all your big tries you still kept your heart going you longed for the core and died at her door and you left a note wrote mostly in blood from all of your friends you said you where the sun you are the reason i am so warm as I blink one more time I'm glad that your still alive as my wires grow tired I check your oceans for life and I aim for the ground and I hear all your sounds I feel all your warmth well some of its mine cause sharing is caring i'll give you my blood
Blood Donor 01:43
There's always been a moon way up in the night like there's a phone glued to your hand and the brightness from your screen in the dead of the night won't let you see the stars around me and in a 100 years or so this song will be dated and we'll have grown old and be gone and the flickering of distant suns will still be the one thing that we'll be comparing love too though there's no one else like you with your bitter tongue your dolphin blue eyes and your sweet midnight smile and your earthquaking heart where big hills abound that think there mountains in size and everything loud but our love is quiet with fireworks out we drink slush puppies inside with our sparklers now we give our names to the sky
4am, Vinovia 03:05
I bought a new t shirt for free delivery I picked up my eko played every thing I had making shapes with my right hand I never wrote a song not for quite a long long time So I put on my new shirt and fell into the night the lipstick that I had and someone else's nylons tights I always thought you knew I really don't know how to stand I think people can be cruel I know that I can I think the pink gives me away and my jawline tells no lies so I picked up my eko and played every thing I had chipping paint off my left hand I've never felt so late and I get later all the time So I put on my new shirt and fell into the night the lipstick that I had and someone else's nylons tights I always thought you knew I really don't know how to stand I think people can be cruel I know that I can I don't smoke cigarettes but they're fun to sing about smoke coming through floors and twirling around not every mother has a child not every death is unkind but every apple tells a lie you are so brave I think that all the time
Warmth 01:28
t feels like you wrote me with haze in you’re eyes I think you are my warmth Because I’m missing most of mine And you were so fine, We died all the time And I love you now like you loved me once And I see this death is eating our heads. So draw for me the moon And i’ll sing it out for you And we can have ours too But in our hearts and in our bones we already do. I’ll take you by your hair like a Neanderthal I’ll tie you up in furs and watch the ancient sun We’ll say the sweet things but we’re heavier than this The look in our eyes Will be the greatest look of all time.
Nightlight 02:32
Sure I wear my heart on my sleeve in a box made from lead submerged in a lake severed at the end but I wait patiently for my endings to come but i'm never as sure as you where my love they bleached out the bath house and the salmon pink I found you swimming in was a slight stain on the tiles we laid they bleached out the bath house yet the steam made your shape as I lay scares upon this place the pale yellow rain coat still hangs on the stairs the drops on your freckles were too much to bare taking your hand took forever I swear and the mosaic in the bath house was all that was there
Sleepwalking 01:44
Oh walking through your dreams Finding gaps in time Don’t know were i'm going I am blind and I am hoping To feel your colours (shine) I am flyin through your head Just like I used to Seeing mountain lions Dancing with a chupacabra poet And a sailor who has sailed on clouds of fire While painting pictures of his soul of which he had to leave behind Way beyond the shore line Way beyond the point of no return Way beyond us I have sailed into the shadow of the sun I have sailed into the shadow of the sun And i'm never coming back I'm never coming back I’m never coming back.
Seasons 02:53
I left the stove on when I left this place I could start the fire but i could not take the heat that I had made now I’m out here in the snow with the foot prints that I stole from the girl I used to know now I arrived here every day amongst the snow and charred remains and I can barely see the sky over the glow and this fire becomes my home yet you’ll never see me because you lack dimension and reason and hope now I am missing a stranger in my skin a vessel to choke everyone says you’re better for her than me but i don't believe that because everyone says a lot of stupid shit If you ask me.
Redemption 01:56
I look into your eyes you don’t look back I’ve seen more hope In a heart attack I hope you know I look into the sky I see no stars and every time I look that far I lose hope and I’m sailing on the ocean with my friends were looking for adventure everywhere and redemption, is redemption every place you wanna go and im sick of everybody saying no. I take you by the hand we part the sea don’t look back just follow me once we cross we will be fine the grass looks greener but the trees are dying
Candle Song 01:34
Wander in the darkness Waiting for the answer Looking for the signs Waiting for you If I sat here in the dark Holing out a candle Feeling history in these walls In these halls Looking for reprise Looking for reprise Waiting for you. Holding on to these cave walls Looking for the holes that I can grab on to now Looking for Disaster Looking for Disaster Waiting for you Waiting for you
Seams 02:43
Seams on my chest are wearing out That's something I should care about But I’m self destructing in this house The counter is broke I am alone I know there's something in these chords Thats helping me to feel adored and I never really felt before So just let me sing This song to you Then you will know I did this for you. The smile on your face it says you’re alive But I don’t really buy it since you are not mine. And how can you live if you don’t have a heart There’s no beat in you. My grip has grow loose. I will not let go My beats will stop too. Though I can’t swim My seams will float through Seams on my chest you are tearing out Thats something you should care about I will stay haunt this house My bloody has run dry I can not breath I can no longer sing You did this to me And you didn’t look at my eyes When you tare me apart
we speak in different tongues my heart is growing strong but weaker by the beat this marble holds no love I have dug a hole to bury this hole town my fingers hit the rocks now there's no turning back now so here we lay again dirt under our nails content in this trap now we don't have to say it this isn't just a tomb this is my monument to you.
Fall Of Troy 02:43
The yellow men From the yellow town Preach there yellow verse To the orange crowed And the purple fire In the function room Takes the colours in And the grey resumes So the rainbow grows Arching in the sky Like the fall of troy All its colours die And the walls it built Preachers, Sons and bards Have no place in time Among the dying stars The pallets drain all that’s left is dust We sit all alone watching worlds combust And we wonder how we could have been so blind
Messengers 03:33
I’m in this pasture here with god I'm afraid that he’ll speak the words that’ll end this winning streak were on I write about this all the time In a trance and blurry eyed waiting for my salvation to arrive I’m a mess most of the time while falling further from my mind I’m simply losing all the threads that keep my functioning I was never a profit I was never your light I was left in the trenches for those 40 days and nights Im in much deeper than I thought I think im drowning on the ghost and I’m allowed to be afraid when the hounds are at my door I write about this all the time In trance and blurry eyed waiting for my salvation to come I was never a profit I was never your light I was left in the trenches for those 40 days and nights I made my bed I’ll sleep in it I do it all just for the kicks I’ll throw it out and I wont dwell on gospel, scripture, stone or and when those men in feathered coats they come to take away my ghost I’ll tell them politely no and make my own way home
here are many books on many things/and the worst of them is awful strings/you can trace them with your fingertips/but they cut and burn and heal your skin/and there's glitter mixing with your blood/you're conversing with some made up god/who despite the world you still believe/will save you from these awful strings/and all these things that are wrong with me/i don't hold the depth to see/and i don't think that you saw them too/because all i saw was love in you/and i don't recall the exact day/when you saw my flaws so clearly/just like old receipts that fade away/i lost the spark that made me great/and i know that i will one day be/the sand on which you press your feet/and i hope the glitter's in your eyes/and your memories have long since died/because it's not you this song is for/it's for those eyes that hid my flaws/and filled me with this wild eyed warmth/of which these strings remain the cause


'Slush Puppie's video here youtu.be/d1Gys3QCvnA :)

A bunch of songs recorded between 2009-2018 on cassette tapes, reel to reel machines, phones and an old IBM Think Pad that they used in outerspace.

I love Halloween. It's the ghosts and pumpkins and scary films not the cold and dark nights. We always try and put our albums out around then too. I started doing that in remembrance of my Grandma who passed away on Halloween when I was a kid. She was the best. I hope you enjoy these badly sung and badly recorded songs (my phone demos that is, Matts recordings are sound!). Some of them I'll do for real sometime.


released November 3, 2018

Matthew/Dan/Cheap Instruments and Thornaby Asda.


all rights reserved


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