in the end we all just walk off into the sea in the eyes of the ones we left behind

by Dressed Like Wolves

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'the big try'

here's a video for 'there is always an exception' just in case you didn't see it (it's got a dinosaur in it).


released November 22, 2014

recorded at spooker studios, summerfield farm and other old haunts
aug 2013 to sep 2014

songs by rick dobbing
played with friends daniel allen and matthew brown

strings on by #1, 6, 11 and 12 by elizabeth jayasuria
cornet and accordion on #8 by cat mcguinness & paul mcquade
bass on #9, #10 by aaron woodier
big beats on #13 by pauly callaghan

'the pirate ship' drawing by jack dobbing, aged 5

℗ 2014 spooker recs

thanks: all our friends and family, general sherman, by toutatis, dinnernanny, bob fischer, rob nichols, henry carden, staff at the waiting room and westgarth sc, aj garrett and mr ricky smith.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Particles
somewhere between us is an atmosphere/but you couldn't feel it because you were too near/and i can see closer than anyone can/if your heart went away i would carry it back/between my teeth with your blood on my hands/ somewhere between us is a tape on a loop/ repeating excuses and lies than you used/and i know i don't know you that well/and i lied a little myself/i really couldn't give a shit/when you're being such a prick/i wanna sing about beautiful things/how the matter that makes everything/was just dying to make up your skin/somewhere between us is an atmosphere/but you couldn't feel it because you were too near/and i can see you closer than you/all the gaps in the wit you exhume/though i'm shallow in parts it is deep in my heart and there'll always be room here for you
Track Name: There Is Always An Exception
i just hung my coat up and i'm turning out the lights/and i can see the shadow who sleeps with me tonight/he thinks i'm a shadow too because i'm always in this place/same time every evening with new lines across my face/and i just walked out/i don't look back/except i did/and i saw you/the rain it keeps on falling even when i wanna walk/and i'm just keeping quiet because the ground here doesn't talk/i hope this isn't satan trying to ask what's going on/because i think the world is sinking trying to hide from what it's done/and i just climbed out/i don't look down/except i did/and i saw you where you belong/and i'll just lay down and become you/your every pore/your brittle bones/your every flaw
Track Name: Jars
you give me your head in a jar/and i promise to not take you far/but i lied/we traveled to every port/to search for reflections of stars/ in every place we did see/looking for fishes that i couldn't have possibly dreamed/you give me your head in a jar/and i promise to not drop you hard/but i climbed to the top of the cliff/its faces as white as your skin/and threw you out into the sky/hoping that you'd start to fly/but you fell like your body once did/a weight never feathered to fly
Track Name: Sea Screams
where the rocks meet there was a water bed/but now its all green from your seaweed hair /of which you tied back so I could see those eyes/those little blue pools where the boys all hide/i'm not that slow the way you looked at him/a pretty kraken you silly trickster thing/i'm not a sailor and i'm a little blind/but i could save you if the winds were kind/cause like a story from our younger times/i'll slay the creature and get the girl this time/oh fucking monster wont you please be mine/as the sea screams it bleeds an awful black/i saw threadbare sails sticking out your back/you fell to your knees as all the drowned men laughed/and i was still the one who brought you back/they couldn’t have you up at those pearly gates/we shouted keep your ghosts for one more day/of which we kept brief i swore you'd see this through/and that was the last time i lied to you/i clung to your hand and you no longer clung to mine
Track Name: Veneers
it's not like you came all alone here my dear/it's you and your heels and your brand new veneers/with someone on your arm who could make you believe/that you were exciting just learning to breathe/with your key in the door everything's just the same/the rooms are all dark and it's looking to rain/and your chest is still empty/you're still fucking up/because for you girl it seems love's not enough/and out late at night with our drinks and our friends/and i'll always remember that you'll by my end/in some other place where you still taste the same/i'm sat on the floor writing songs just for them/and all it was/was closing doors/now there's no air left for us to breathe here anymore/and my silver tongue provides the weight/for my descent into your open grave/and i hang my clothes upon your wreath/and your nickel smile bites at me from underneath
Track Name: Awful Strings
there are many books on many things/and the worst of them is awful strings/you can trace them with your fingertips/but they cut and burn and heal your skin/and there's glitter mixing with your blood/you're conversing with some made up god/who despite the world you still believe/will save you from these awful strings/and all these things that are wrong with me/i don't hold the depth to see/and i don't think that you saw them too/because all i saw was love in you/and i don't recall the exact day/when you saw my flaws so clearly/just like old receipts that fade away/i lost the spark that made me great/and i know that i will one day be/the sand on which you press your feet/and i hope the glitter's in your eyes/and your memories have long since died/because it's not you this song is for/it's for those eyes that hid my flaws/and filled me with this wild eyed warmth/of which these strings remain the cause
Track Name: Elephants
you're as boring as sin/you were not welcome back home/because the lions who were eyeing you/would rather you be alone/so i took back my clothes/and i messed up your hair/and i told you i loved you/but i was lying i fear/i cut out a door on this coca-cola box/poked out some windows/and lit up a torch/your elephants could live here/and your skeletons too/we could burn through our summers/say our goodbyes too soon/my roar's not as angry as time leans on my throat/and i am so bleak here since you swam through the leaves/and left your body between/and your elephants remain in every corner of this house/and i'll write fires to burn this down/and the flamethrower that i found/in case your chest exploded out/doesn't seem quite so stupid now
Track Name: Loose Tooth
the salt water it made me sick/so i could breath a little bit/i was no more a thread bare tooth/i was a sword/a shield/the truth/and you a whore that i did know/once a mermaid from fresh snow/this is all that i can give/this place i love does not exist/i was once a scholar too/now i sit and i read you

(uplifting organ solo)
Track Name: Quiet Moments
i wished upon a star but i just missed/you were already up there stealing lights from every branch of the pines/they fought back but they could never resist you/it's not like you ever stood a chance/because i know those cold hands/because you've always got your cross/that you bear around your neck/and i will leave you in the snow/like the angel i used to know/we set fire to the manger and denied that we made you/and for just one day a year/we could love the ones that hurt us the most/the ones who need us the most/and don't let the glow and the smoke pit you off/and the cold that you might have caught/let's just freeze/and we can have this whole place to ourselves/because nobody else wants this hell/except me/and for just one day a year/we can hold it in hearts and keep it warm/and let our quiet moments burn
Track Name: Death Of Girls
we broke the hoops over our heads/cos we're too tall to be heaven sent/our wings are torn and made of lead/from our descent/amongst the scattered notes i wrote/fires to keep our bodies warm/and i will keep on writing more/cos you sleep in tones of which i'd dialled to hear the death of girls that i know died before
Track Name: Nimbus Clouds
old fan blower/why do you still warm me/oh you rattle/do you still care about me/oh my body it rattles too/in sync in bad dreams/your hazel eyes gleam/the rattle takes our children too/those names we laid out/they've gone away now/a mother your own house/you're singing those songs to someone else/and that hurts my brain now/my chest pains form places somehow/and i have my own little house/where i kept those names in nimbus clouds/it rains heartbeats into my palms/the wind clicks and rattles my heart /the timer goes back to the start/and i love a girl with the palest white skin
Track Name: Crutch Breaker
i don't know how we became/the dust on all these objects and the rain can't do enough/to clean us off and make us useable again/for anyone who'd like to try/i just want to be in tune/and let my songs become the rye/this will never be the truth/i've amassed to nothing here and nothing else will matter to me or to you/i tried a while ago/and i promise you i cared/like you used to once i know/and i'd just like to go back there/to where we were/a place where love was everything/and no-one ever had to sing/about their heart being torn in two/and how they used to look at you/and see a light that lit the moon/now it's trivial and fucked/and i've sang this way too much/different wounds but the same crutch
Track Name: Trying To Walk Off Into The Sea But It's Too Late
i left my toothbrush in a hotel room/ in manchester somewhere near the science museum/ and when i think of our doom i think of my teeth/ and how they're not as clean as id like them to be/ and i do miss you a little i swear but the eyes that i saw were your eyes and not hers/ and though i kissed you i left my body i swear/ and i use my sharpie pen on every cd i have made for my friends i draw lightnin' you see/ because i like to pretend that the weather is good but its just a thing that is happening to us/ and the stars are the same as pretty as they are no ones up there that i've ever loved/ they're all in my house and i don't think that enough/ and this time of year all the spiders are big/ and it reminds me of how my sisters still a kid/ and how my nephews still dance to the songs that we sing/ and one day they'll stop and they'll do all the things/ and time it keeps moving and sometimes its cruel/ and sometimes we find love and have kids who dance too/ and i feel like my heart is as big as the moon/ and you'll be the sun that will light me up soon/ and i'll dine on the heavens and i'll drink your god's blood/ and the ghost of my toothbrush will still linger on/ with the weight of my memories too heavy to take/ and a family so special i'd forsake heaven's gates/ and i'd rather stay warm on an inky black night/ and sing a few songs about how i'm always right/ and talk about things that are petty and fun/ with all of the people around me that i really love

"no, look!"