Country Walking (Demo)

by Dressed Like Wolves

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Here's a video I did on my Samsung phone.

Dan put some mics near stuff and we had a go at recording a new song. We hope you like it. Mixed by our good friend Matthew Brown.

Recorded in the attic at the Westgarth Social Club. Spooker Rekkids


released September 15, 2016

Aaron - Bass
Paul - Drums
Dan - Good Guitar
Rick - Singing/Other Guitar



all rights reserved
Track Name: Country Walking (Demo)
for the first two lines of this one i was chewing bubble gum
i'm not really trying with this fresh upon my tongue
if i told you to be cool would you be cool like when we met
theres something in the architecture shaking me to death
i think i could have worn you if i really tried
i think i've gone and blown it with the c4 in my lines
this terrible metaphor is all you deserve
and this chewing gum lasted longer than her
and was sweeter than it is to be loved by you

country walking is for friends of us not friends of their(s)
you where only crossing on the steps to bring bad luck on them
everybody knows whats going on in the world
cause everything is trending and it makes my psychic powers worse
theres nothing i can do to make this any better
and im not going clear or sucking out all your hurt
your feelings are forever like bloodstains upon your sheets
these feelings are forever like that crackle in your knee
another metaphor or maybe a simile
im not as bold as brass
or as busy as a bee
but im as in love with you as lizzy and darcy